Why you’re not buying a $3,000 iPhone X anymore, new research suggests

The iPhone X, the next-generation iPhone and the new version of the Apple Watch are all going to get a refresh soon, according to new research from TechRadar.

In a new study by the tech company, the average price of the two gadgets has dropped by more than $3k in the past three years.

The biggest price drop was seen in the iPhone X which has fallen from $1,999 to $1,-299.

This year, the iPhone is set to be released on September 6th.

However, the trend does not stop there, TechRadars analysis shows that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have seen the same price drop as well.

Both have seen a decrease of nearly $300 in price.

The iPhone X’s price dropped by nearly $100 in the same period.

However, the new iPhone has seen the biggest drop, dropping by almost $300 to $599.

The Apple Watch is set for a price drop of $150, the company claims.

The watch is set a little bit later in the cycle than the iPhone, and will likely be available later this year.

In fact, the Apple watch, which is still on sale for $599, is going for $699 this year as well, but the company has yet to confirm if the price drop will extend to the device in 2017.

The data comes from the latest data from the US Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

This research is based on an analysis of data from a number of different data sources including price tags, price drops, and new product launches.

The Apple Watch will be available on September 12th.