Why China is finally making its way online: China’s Alibaba

China’s online shopping giant Alibaba is moving online to a Chinese-language version of its parent company’s website, after a yearlong wait.

The move is expected to accelerate the shift from a Chinese to an online model for many online retailers in China, where the market is still largely dominated by offline companies.

Alibaba, which has over $1 trillion in cash, will use a Chinese version of the site to make the move easier, according to people familiar with the matter.

The decision follows months of debate over the future of Alibaba in China.

The company has been dogged by reports of corruption and its slowing sales growth, prompting criticism that it is out of touch with its customers.

The company has not yet decided whether it will launch a Chinese or English version of Alibaba, according an Alibaba spokesman.

Alibaba said it is working on the plan and has started negotiating with several online retailers.

The move could be announced as early as this week.