When the mall goes offline, what you should buy

Shopping at Macy’s or Walmart is not the same thing as shopping online.

But some of the same shopping decisions can still be made when the mall is shut down.

Here are some of them:  When shopping at Macy�s and Wal-Mart, which are both part of the mall chain, the shopping experience is more like an online shop, said Michelle M. Smith, senior director of merchandising for Macy�S and Walmart.

Smith said shoppers may see a different look when the store is closed.

Macy�s stores are more of a retail experience, with shoppers walking in, taking their shopping bags and choosing products from a large assortment of merchandise.

While the mall doesn�t have the same physical infrastructure, the malls staffs have worked hard to build an online presence for shoppers.

Smith said when the malls is closed, it will be a bit of a learning experience for mall staff.

She said that staff will be looking for ways to keep shoppers happy.

“I think the mall staff will learn to better communicate with their customers and their shoppers, so that they can better serve those customers in their everyday lives,” Smith said.

But shopping on a Sunday night can still have a different feel than when the shopping is online.

If you want to get a better sense of the shopping experiences at the mall on Sunday, the company is releasing a special online shopping app called “Sunday Night Shopping.”

The app will allow shoppers to search and browse products, purchase tickets, and enter coupons and discounts at Macys and Walmart stores.

On the app, Macy�z shoppers will see their order in a list and be able to select which items they want to purchase.

They can also see the inventory available at the store and how many items they have in stock. 

If you would like to know more about Macy��s online shopping experience, visit the Macy�ss online store at www.macyss.com.

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