When it comes to fashion, Dubai’s online marketplace is king

When it came to fashion-focused retail, Dubai was king, according to a new report from the website curvyblog.com.

Dubai was the most popular shopping destination for online shoppers in the UAE, followed by Dubai City, Dubai International Airport and Dubai International Business Centre, which also scored highly for shopping options and price points.

The UAE was the second most popular destination in terms of style and value for online shopping dollars in the first half of this year, curvylog.com reported, citing data from data from Topshop.

Dublin was the third most popular city in terms on style and price-points, while London and New York were the fourth most popular cities.

The report noted that Dubai’s style, location and fashion-oriented shopping is a key driver of online shopping growth in the Middle East.

In the UAE and Dubai, curbside checkout and online shopping are more accessible than they were in the past.

And curbsides are now more affordable than in previous years.

Dubays style has changed, too.

The city is now home to some of the world’s largest online shopping hubs, including Kmart, Walmart, H&M, Louis Vuitton, Bloomingdale’s and more, curvys.com reports.

For more on the UAE’s style and style-driven economy, check out Curvyblog’s report, and keep an eye out for more trends from the UAE in the coming months.