When a gun shop offers to buy a handgun online

Online gun shop GunShopOnline.com says it is willing to sell your firearm for a price in the $15,000 to $25,000 range.

The online retailer said the product it is looking to buy was recently purchased at a gun show for $20,000.

GunShopOnline said it had a long-term interest in the firearm and would be happy to offer the firearm for sale to its customers if that price was appropriate.

“This is an ideal opportunity to secure the firearm, it is a long time ago and the price is right,” the website said.

“We are very comfortable with the price that we are willing to pay.”

The site said the seller was able to secure an online loan of $5,000 that it said was the highest possible price.

“If you are a gun owner or self-sufficient gun owner looking for a firearm, this is the perfect opportunity to get one for yourself,” the site said.