What’s next for online retailing?

I’m not sure what will happen with e-commerce in the future.

Will it continue to be a niche market where it is a way for people to buy goods online, or will it start to become more mainstream?

We’ve seen a lot of online retailers that are doing well and a lot more will follow in their footsteps.

But what’s going to happen?

Will there be more retailing online?

Will it be like what we’ve seen with Amazon?

Amazon has become a very large, dominant player in the online retail space, but it is still not as dominant as it once was.

That is because there are still lots of niches in the space, and Amazon has to compete with other big players like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

As a result, Amazon has focused more on selling physical products, while smaller retailers are trying to make money online by offering smaller discounts.

That means that there will be more e-tailers, which means there will also be more competition.

But there is one thing that we’ve noticed over the past couple of years that is keeping e-tailing growing.

This is the growing popularity of the mobile platform, which is now a much more popular and mainstream way to sell things online.

For example, Apple has already begun to offer a service that allows customers to sell their stuff for $5 to $10.

And Amazon has launched a service called Amazon Smile that allows people to sell for $3 to $5 on their phones.

So e-shopping is now the way that people are going to buy things online, but how will this change the retail industry?

Will it be more about selling physical items, or more about doing a virtual sales experience with the customer?

Will e-shop kiosks be the new way of selling physical merchandise?

Will we see a return to traditional retailing with physical products?

Will Amazon be the dominant player for the online market?

This question will not be answered in a couple of months, because we have a lot going on.

As I said, there are so many niches and so many companies competing in the marketplace, that it will be a while before we can say definitively if e-retailing will go mainstream or not.

But for now, e-marketplaces and online retail are making a lot less sense.

If you are looking to buy a product online, you will have to go to a brick-and-mortar store.

And if you are not able to buy from one of these online retailers, then you will probably end up at a place like Ebay, where there is no option to buy directly from a seller.

This will be the case for a lot longer than it was a few years ago.

The Internet is a much bigger part of the retail landscape than it used to be.

And there are a lot fewer brick- and-mortars in the United States than there used to have to be, because the internet has made it so easy to find a store in your area, even if it is located far from you.

And as a result of this, ecommerce is now becoming a much smaller part of our retailing ecosystem, because there will no longer be an online retailer that will carry physical goods for sale.

Instead, etsy is going to dominate the retail space.

The biggest e-seller right now is Etsy, which makes it possible for anyone to make a listing on the platform.

And this is going become a much larger part of e-business as a whole.

If this trend continues, then we will see more people go online to sell products directly to consumers, rather than buying physical items.

Etsy’s success is a direct result of the fact that it allows people from all over the world to sell physical goods.

That has allowed Etsy to become a massive e-service.

As people are starting to shop from abroad, they are also finding that Etsy is the easiest way to do so.

And because Etsy is now so popular, it has a large user base that will continue to grow as more people try to find sellers.

I think that it is going be a long time before we see any major changes in the retailing industry.

But for now there are lots of different niches that are competing in, and it will continue in that way.