Nikes, Nike, Amazon, Gap, Adidas, Burberry and more make big cuts as Asian internet shopping surges

NIKES, NIKOs, NIPPONOS, and GAPS are getting rid of their iconic logos.

 And they’re not even the only companies that are going the route.

More: The brands have announced that they are taking the plunge on their official websites, and that their e-commerce platforms will now be named after their respective companies.

In other words, no more the Chinese and Japanese “G”s or the Japanese “P”s, but instead the brand names of their companies.

The new “Nike” will now just be “Nikes.”

The “Nokies” will be called “Nipponos,” and the “Gaps” will have the “Japan” logo.

So there’s that.

But what about other Asian brands that are changing their branding?

What about the “Ausiello” brand of shoes?

How about the Chinese shoe brand, “Porcelain?”

Well, they might as well be in the same league as Nike.

A couple weeks ago, we reported on a story about a Chinese company, “AUSIELLO,” changing its brand name to “PORCLAY.”

The move was seen as a sign of growing popularity among Asian shoppers.

The brand has since been sold to a new group of investors, but we’re still hearing rumors of the brand changing its name again.

While this is all just rumor, the new name is a step forward for Asian companies that have been hesitant to use traditional Chinese brands in their marketing.

It also represents a change in branding for Asian brands as they try to expand their brand names in the Asian market.

For instance, the Chinese footwear brand, HUGO, has been making a name for itself by using a Japanese “O” and “L” logo on its shoes.

What do you think of the change?

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