How to get an Amazon Prime membership online for free

The online shopping giant announced Wednesday it is giving people a new and cheaper way to buy products online, as part of its effort to compete with Inc. and other online retailers.

The move comes as Amazon is expanding into e-commerce and opening new online shopping sites.

It will start offering free shipping on products, including products purchased on Amazon.

Com, its online platform, on Wednesday.

Amazon says it will offer free shipping for orders over $50.

Online retailers can also pay $5 for an Amazon gift card that they can use on their own purchases.

Amazon will also offer a $10 Amazon Prime credit card for customers who spend $100 or more in the first three months of the year.

Amazon has a partnership with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. for Prime shipping.

The company is offering free online shipping for customers of its competitors.

The partnership is a big deal for Amazon, which has struggled to compete in online retail with WalMart and other big-name retailers.

In the first quarter, Amazon lost $7.2 billion in online sales.

But the company’s effort to build its online presence has been an uphill battle, and it’s been unable to catch up to rivals such as Google Inc. And its stock has fallen as well as the value of its stock price.