How to buy makeup online using Kroger’s online shopping platform

Kroger has launched a new online shopping service for its online makeup and beauty products, and the platform includes an online makeup shopping portal that makes it easy for shoppers to order makeup online from the company’s website.

The makeup portal will allow customers to order online for up to three months, and customers can then return or exchange makeup for free, or use the coupon code for a $1.99 shipping fee.

The coupon code is currently valid until Sept. 30.

The portal also includes a “Get-Your-Price” section for shoppers who are looking for a particular brand or product, with a list of retailers, coupons and online makeup shops offering the product.

Kroger says the new portal also offers “Get Your Price” coupons for its beauty and hair products, which customers can use to pay for makeup at other Kroger stores.

The new online makeup portal also has a “Quick Pay” section, which allows customers to pay their Kroger shipping and handling charges, and Kroger will reimburse them with a $2.99 value credit.

Customers can order makeup on the portal from three different stores, including Sephora, Benefit and Urban Outfitters.

They can then order makeup from Kroger or online, and return the items for a discounted price.

Kroger says it launched the makeup portal in April 2016, and it will expand it over the coming months.