How a Japanese online cigar shop saved its $100K and still hasn’t returned the money

A Japanese online shopping service has been saved $100,000 after it was unable to make payment on a loan, despite offering an option to pay via PayPal.

The Japanese company, MyKobo, had been receiving money from a Japanese lender who had been trying to help repay its loan.

After trying for months to reach an agreement, the company was able to secure a loan from an American company and pay it back through a new PayPal account.

However, it couldn’t make the payment and it was not able to make payments for the rest of the month.

The company had told customers to contact the company to cancel their loan, but the company said the customers could still pay the loan by phone.

In a statement to New York magazine, Mykobo said: “Unfortunately, our payment system failed and we were unable to complete payment.

We had to close down for several days.”

Mykobo has not responded to requests for comment.

The website said that it would not be able to resume online shopping until the payment was made, but it said it would reopen in a week.