Chinese online retailer IKEA sells for $1,000 in US

ikeas online shop sells for about $1 million in US dollars in just two months, according to an article published by Vice News.

The article, titled IKEAHOS LAUNCHES LAUNCHED ITALIAN STORE, REVOLVES ANSWER, ASIAN LANDREN, and MORE, said the store in Manhattan, New York, will sell items including furniture, electronics, and accessories.

It is also offering the IKEARTS LAUNCHS, a series of limited edition items, priced at $1 and up, for sale on the site.

Its first major purchase was for $400,000 on the November 17, 2018, date, according the article.

IKEA announced the purchase earlier this month.

The store, which is set to open in 2019, is the latest acquisition in an ongoing trend of Chinese online retailers expanding their operations.

Earlier this month, Amazon announced it would buy luxury furniture brand Hermes for $2.6 billion.

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