Amazon sells off ‘Birds of a Feather’ in the U.S.A.

The Inc. (AMZN) stock has fallen on concerns over rising costs at the retail giant, which has been struggling to contain the impact of a severe winter storm in its U.K. warehouses.

The stock has lost more than 10% this year, and fell 4.6% for the week ended Feb. 4.

Amazon has struggled with a declining business, particularly with e-commerce as consumers have grown accustomed to paying online.

Amazon is also facing a surge in legal costs as it battles to protect customers’ privacy.

The retailer said Wednesday it would start offering customers an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A with Chief Executive Jeff Bezos in early April, and it plans to add a separate “Ask Jeff” feature.

Bezos has long been outspoken in his criticism of online shopping.

He recently wrote that his company does not believe in the concept of shopping online, saying that consumers don’t want to be tracked.

Amazon also has been trying to address the concerns of its competitors in the e-retail space by introducing its own shopping services, including its Prime program.

The company says Prime is the most popular way to shop for groceries and other goods and services.

The e-store was launched in the United Kingdom and Australia in 2016, and Amazon says it has more than 30 million Prime members in those countries.

Amazon said it is also planning to launch its own grocery delivery service this year.

The U.KS.-based company is still a relatively small player in the grocery business, with about $4.2 billion in revenue last year.

It is still far behind rival Wal-Mart Stores Inc. WMT 0.69% and rivals such as Kroger Co. KKR 0.84% and Whole Foods Market Inc. WWMN 0.46% in terms of revenue.

Amazon shares have declined roughly 16% in 2017.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Bezos’s comments have drawn attention to the challenges Amazon faces in the online shopping world, as other retailers, including Walmart, Target Corp. TGT 0.62% and other big players such as Walgreens Inc. WSGR 0.30% and Wal-Marts have been trying, along with online rivals such Asda, to attract shoppers to their sites.

Walmart has said it will continue to focus on its stores and online sales and that it plans a series of promotions this year that will include free gift cards and merchandise giveaways.

Amazon, on the other hand, is still trying to lure shoppers with discounts and other promotional offers.

Last month, it said it would launch a series the “Prime” program that will give customers the opportunity to try on Amazon products and get a free Amazon Prime membership for a year.

Amazon says Prime members can buy merchandise from Amazon.

For a limited time, customers can also try out its Amazon Marketplace, an online shopping marketplace that lets shoppers shop at their own pace.