Aldi says online shopping for ‘bitter’ drinks has been ‘saved’

Aldi has said its online shopping service Aldi Online has been saved from its “bitter” price hike after the supermarket chain was forced to halt its online sales on Wednesday.

The retailer, which has been on the back foot for weeks, has been forced to suspend its online sale because of “sophisticated attacks” on its system and was told it could no longer sell its Aldi products.

Its online sales were not being carried out until the end of Thursday, and were temporarily suspended until further notice.

But the company has now restored the services and the price hikes were only a temporary setback, Aldi’s chief executive, Martin Gilding, told AFP news agency.

“We are a company that does everything by the book,” Mr Gildings said.

“It is sad to see that it took so long to get online, but Aldi is a global leader in the world of online shopping and this is something we will always do, even if we have to suspend it at the last minute.”‘

Sophisticate attacks’ The Aldi online sales suspension comes days after it was hit with an unprecedented online attack by a hacker group calling itself the “Cyber Knights”.

The group had also targeted Aldi stores across the world, stealing customers’ personal information, demanding refunds and threatening to destroy their machines.

“The Cyber Knights have breached our security measures, and they have broken into our system and compromised the integrity of our systems,” Mr Dombrovskis told AFP.

“They have used sophisticated attacks on our systems to steal customers’ details and personal data.”

Mr Gilders said Aldi was working with its “international partners” to try to restore its online operations and said he was confident the company’s customers would “get back to work” soon.

“This is a matter that has been handled very quickly and we are confident we will be able to restore our online sales soon,” he said.

But he added Aldi remained “seriously concerned” about the attacks and warned that “it could have a profound impact on the retailers” business and consumers.

“There is no doubt this is a significant issue for our business and for our customers, and we will continue to work closely with our international partners to try and recover as much as we can.”

Mr Dombravskis said the online shopping site was “on track” for its first profit in more than a year and was “very well positioned” to survive a tough economic environment.

“I have no doubt we will have a very strong first-half of the year,” he added.

“That’s because of the strong and robust growth in the online market and the strong sales of Aldi.”