Albertson’s shops online are no longer accepting gift cards online, says parent company

New York-based AlberTSons has removed gift cards from its online store, which previously allowed customers to pay for purchases with gift cards.

The move follows a backlash over the card payment issue last month.

“The AlberTons online shopping platform is now closed to the public, as is our online payment services,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“Gift cards will no longer be accepted for online purchases at”

A spokeswoman for the retailer said it had decided to withdraw the gift cards for two reasons.

First, the cards “had become popular for customers who wanted to purchase products on Alber’s sites with gift certificates, which are accepted at our retail stores and online.”

Second, the card holders were “generally not able to pay on time, which was why the card-based payment process was not working as intended.”

It’s unclear if the card issuers are changing their payment systems or the way they offer their products to the general public.

Alber has previously struggled to cope with the surge in online shopping.

The company has struggled with an uptick in demand for its gift cards as it tries to respond to the surge.

The online store is currently available in India, and a number of other countries including Australia, Brazil, and Mexico.

The cards are issued by American Express.